What happens when your car is involved in an accident


If you have an accident in your car or it is damaged another way you will be asked to take the vehicle to an approved repairer for an estimate to be done for the repair work. The garage will send the estimate through to the insurance company and ask them if they authorise it to be repaired or to write the vehicle off. If the car is an older one, on many occasions he car will not be worth repairing according to the insurance company so they will write it off and pay you out a sum for the vehicle. Sometimes you may be given the option to buy the damaged car back off the insurance company at a quite cheap price to have the repair work done yourself. Before considering this it is often advised to take the estimate to the garage of your choice and ask them how much they would charge for the work. It may be that you or a friend / family member is able to take on the project. Work out if it is worth while doing this of are you better to just have the money and buy something else.