Making your money back on a car


If you have bought a cheaper car or van and then it breaks down on you and basically becomes worthless, there are ways you can try and make your money back. Scrap value for cars is not much at the moment so you will be lucky to get more than £70 but if you have the time and the patience you may be able to recoup some of your loss.

Many individual parts on a car are worth quite a bit more than the scrap value, so why not strip it down and sell them yourself. You might be able to get £50-£70 for one engine part in perfect working order meaning anything else you sell will be profit over the scrap value.

Even trims such as bumpers and decals can fetch between £10-£30, which very quickly adds up.

Make sure that if you are doing this then the car is off road or still taxed and insured. If you are keeping it off the road then you need to SORN the vehicle.