Looking for a van


When you’re in the market looking for a van, you need to take in to account the mileage, how long is left on the mot plus all round condition. You may start to look on websites such as Gumtree, Auto Trader or Shpock to find vans that may be suitable. You need to take in to account what size van you would need depending on the type off work you will be carrying out in it.

If you need to carry quite a bit of equipment which is easily accessible then you may wish to look for something like a Ford Transit Connect, the van has a side loading door which is ideal for easy loading and unloading plus you can easily put a roof rack on top for ladders. There should be enough room in the back for all of your materials and tools. You may wish to put an inverter in the back so you can run 230 volts in the van which will allow you to charge phones, batteries for tools and even run a kettle to make a brew.