Issues with suspension in a car


The suspension system in most cars is a complex combination of components working together to ensure a nice smooth even ride. Suspension is set up differently in all cars and can be firmer in sporty models and softer in off road vehicles.

If there is an issue with the suspension it can be hard to diagnose as the symptoms can be a result of a number of issues within a car such as wheel alignment or uneven tyre pressure. The main symptoms are the car shaking or juddering when driving and the car looking uneven whilst stationary.

Issues with suspension can cause the car not to handle effectively which can be very dangerous in a situation where you’d need to steer quickly to avoid a collision. Also with excessive tyre wear caused by suspension issues the car is more likely to lose grip and skid especially in poor weather conditions which is equally dangerous.

If you suspect any problems with your suspension always get it checked out as if left it can have a knock-on effect and cause issues with many other parts of your car.