Hybrids: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Cost?


Hybrids entered the UK market around 20 years ago, however they are still relatively uncommon. With changing legislation and the shift towards eco-friendly thinking, many people are wondering about the cost/benefit side of owning a hybrid. Several trials and experiments have been done to try and establish a clear answer as to whether it saves you money in the long run, but still no easy answer has been reached. What is clear, is that the biggest factors involved are the way and environment in which the vehicle is use.

There have been tests and comparisons done on the Golf GTE and the Toyota Camry, for just two examples. The quick and easy answer is, if you live in the city and drive short-ish distances and mostly at lower speeds, hybrids will pay back those extra costs over time, estimated five to seven years, in some cases. This could take longer or shorter depending on how the vehicle is used. Fuel is not the only thing you will be saving on but congestion charges, taxes, sometimes on insurance and additional future savings as governments crack down more on pollution.

So, in short, hybrids could definitely be beneficial for some people, but for others they may not be a viable option, at this time. However, the more ‘green’-conscious legislation becomes and with future hybrid improvements, one day most people will probably have a hybrid or electric car.