Choosing the correct engine oil


Regular replacement of your vehicles engine oil is vital to minimise wear on the engine and maximise its life span. Old oil becomes chocked with particulates and can break down due to contamination, reducing its efficacy. When replacing oil you should check the manufacturers specifications and get the correct type. Modern engine oils come in a variety of types, such as synthetic or semi-synthetic, and it’s important to get the right one for your engine.

If you have a higher mileage engine, then you may be tempted by some of the specially formulated high mileage engine oil that’s on the market. They contain additives that may condition the seals of your engine and prevent oil passing into the combustion chamber or leaking out. The rubber seals can become brittle with age, so if you find you’re topping up the oil regularly or there are small leaks under you car, this type of oil may help.