Brembo brake calipers on the Limited Edition Fiat Coupé


There were minor differences between the limited edition Fiat Coupé and the original version but one of the most popular additions were the Brembo brake calipers. These added a more luxurious, sporty look to the vehicle, while they were finished in bold red.


This is where the red caliper trend began, and there were standard red calipers to the rear of the vehicle. The 2 door Fiat Coupé was designed to be a sporty everyday car. And the limited edition took the sportiness that little bit further, and perhaps that’s why it will go down as a classic.

Brembo brake calipers are still available to day, and you can find them on Corvettes and porches, and that just symbolises the class they can add to a vehicle.

The Fiat Coupe Spoiler


There are many spoilers out there that are often added to a Fiat Coupe. Some say that it’s the finishing touch the model, but others argue that it spoils the design of the car.

There’s no doubt that spoilers can add a sporty touch to a vehicle, and it may prove to be a popular addition for young drivers, but that’s not really what coupes are about. Without the spoiler you do have quite a stylish car, but if you wanted a sporty fiat then you should probably be looking at the Fiat Bravo.

Thought the production lines have ended for the Fiat Coupe, the popularity remains strong, and there will always be a continuous debate about whether the spoiler adds class the original model or makes it less appealing.