How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter?


One very important component to the smooth and optimised function of your vehicle’s engine, is a clean air filter. Dirty air filters decrease the performance of your engine, as it will not allow the proper amount of air into the engine, that it needs to create efficient combustion. If left unchanged, you would likely continue to see diminished performance and eventually, could even prevent your car from running all together.

The air filter is like the lungs the vehicle and can be affected by dusty/dirty environments and even pollen. It is recommended that you change your air filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, or once a year. Signs that you may need to change your air filter could be lower fuel economy, reduced horsepower or rough engine running/misfiring.

If you are unsure of the last time your air filter was changed, its probably a good idea to pull it out and have a look or take it to a professional who can advise you on if it is due to be changed.

Sourcing Reliable Car Parts


Cars work very hard for us every day, so it’s inevitable that you will need to replace parts every now and again. If you need to replace any parts on your vehicle, it’s essential you source ones that are completely reliable. Here is our quick guide to finding the right ones for you:

  • Check exactly what you need. Even if you plan on finding the parts yourself, it’s important that you speak to a professional to establish the requirements. Make a proper note of what you need and any serial numbers, product codes etc. that you might need to find the compatible parts.
  • Get your vehicle parts from a professional. Certain parts will only be verified if they come directly from a manufacturer or approved retailer. Make sure you know what is required for the job and ask any questions that you need to. If it means spending a little bit more money to get a verified part, do it.
  • Visit a scrapyard. You never know what you might find in a place like this. A scrapyard is especially useful if you need body parts such as wing mirrors or exhausts – parts which don’t really require much alteration and can’t have gotten too damaged.
  • Make sure you get a warranty. It’s essential that you make sure you are covered in case anything goes wrong. Check the length or the warranty and get all of the correct documentation. Hopefully you won’t need it and your vehicle will continue to function, but it’s better to stay safe with something so important.

Last but not least, it’s essential that you make sure any replacement parts are fitted properly. Even if they are the right parts and are brand new, your vehicle might malfunction if they’re not fitted correctly. If you’re not 100% sure what you’re doing, speak to a professional and call upon their services.

Second hand car parts


If you are happy to buy second hand car parts for your vehicle then you may be able to save yourself a huge chunk of money compared to prices for the brand new equivalent.

There are risks involved when looking to buy a second hand car part and unless you buy a refurbished one or off a dealer you may find that you have no warranty or even guarantee that it is going to work. Not only do you have to consider the risk of it being faulty, but also ensuring it is the correct part and fitment for your vehicle. Many people will not take back second hand parts because you have purchased the wrong one, it may be that you are then stuck with it.

If you can, always get a mechanic to check over the part or to at least confirm it is the correct one before agreeing to any purchase. Ask the seller if you can have any sort of warranty as even if it is only 30 days, it may be enough to see any intermittent faults.

Sourcing your own car parts


If you need some repairs carrying out to your vehicle then you may want to price up the cost of obtaining the parts yourself.

Car parts can be expensive especially if you get them from the main dealer when often non genuine parts will do the job just as well. You can chose to buy car parts second hand but there is a he element of risk if buying something that you cannot see working. You also need to know exactly what you are looking for as many garages will not advise you on parts when buying from a third party.

Once you have a few quotes go back to the garage carrying out the repairs and ask them if they would be willing for you to buy the part yourself. Lots of smaller independent garages will do this but will not put any kind of warranty on the part they have fitted for you.




Replacing your wiper blades


Wiper blades are an essential part of your car maintenance checks but many of us forget to do them. If you find that your wipers are not clearing the screen as they should be or making a noise when they do, it could be a sign that they are damaged. Wiper blades can easily become damaged through wear and tear, extreme weather conditions of even going through a car wash. Often you will not realise that they are damaged until you come to use them and find that they do not clear the screen as they should.

Replacing wiper blades can be as little as £20 for a pair, so it is a small price to pay for safety. Places such as Halfords will supply and fit the wiper blades while you wait (for a small fee, usually about £3) or you can fit them yourself, which is relatively easy to do.