Buying a spares or repairs car


If you see an advert stating a car is sold as spares or repairs you may be shocked to find out that it doesn’t actually need that much work and can easily be repaired under the value of the car. Many people advertise cars in this way as that is the correct way to list a car that is not in a state that is legal to be driven on the road.

If it is sold as a normal used car then the seller could be taken to court over the sales of goods act, stating that everything has to be fit for purpose, if the car has major issues or is unsafe.

When buying a spares or repairs car you need to know a bit of mechanics to know how much work is going to need doing, taking a mechanic with you is the best way to do this. You may at first think that all you need is a bumper and wing, but upon closer inspection it may be that the radiator is also damaged and possibly the car is out of alignment. This will very quickly hike up the bill.