Using Pool Cars – are they a Good Idea?


Pool cars are cars that can be used by multiple people. They may be part of a lift sharing scheme into work, or they may be available in a particular area for people to use for the day. They are thought of as being a good way to help reduce the number of cars on the roads. If people have cars that they don’t use daily, or they are able to take advantage of a car pool scheme, this could have a significant impact on the number of people deciding to buy cars. A car is an expensive purchase after all and many people are actively looking for ways to reduce their expenses.

However, pool cars have been known to be a nuisance in some areas of the UK. Residents complain that they park in their parking spaces and take up space on residents’-only roads. When people are paying lots of money for a parking permit, this is understandably a problem.

How to Tax your Car


All cars need to be taxed in order to be driven on the roads. Some will incur very little tax, whereas others will have a higher rate to pay due to the type or age of the car – perhaps it is an older diesel engine or similar. Sometimes, tax will be completely free if a car is very new and is considered to be environmentally friendly. In this instance, you will still need to tax the car and this is your responsibility entirely. You just need to make sure you remember to do it.

When you buy a new vehicle, ask about the tax on it. Tax lasts for a year so you may not need to worry about it for a while. Once you own a car, you should receive reminders about taxing it every year. Tax the vehicle online or send the form off in the post. You will no longer need a car tax disc.

How to Buy the Right Tyres for your Car


Buying cheap tyres is a great way to personalize your vehicle at an affordable price and increase its value. The cheap tyres can be easily found in many different sizes and styles, all you need to know is where to look and what to do. If you want to learn how to buy low cost tyres for your car, you must familiarise yourself with the tyre size of your car.

Whether you’re buying tyres for your personal car or to fill your car accessory shop, prices can be high, even when you choose the most affordable varieties. Many online marketplaces and tyre stores offer financing options for the purchase of tyres, regardless of price. In most cases, you can successfully finance good tyres after a credit check and strictly sticking to the loan terms. Continue reading

Company Vehicle Leasing Essentials


Most businesses find that company car leasing is a much better option in comparison to out-rightly buying the vehicle. Also known as ‘contract hire’ this kind of leasing involves the renting of a vehicle by a specific company for an agreed up period and mileage.

This agreement allows the client company to pay a fixed amount of money every month to the leasing company. The client company chooses how long it wants the lease to run for and once that term elapses, it either renews the contract or simply hand the car back to the leasing company.

The main advantage that this kind of arrangement brings to the client company is that they have a fixed expense that is associated with the leased vehicle. They only need to insure it, pay associated taxes and fuel the vehicle. This is a more ‘constant’ figure as opposed to buying a car that comes with a host of expenses including the purchasing price. Continue reading

Brembo brake calipers on the Limited Edition Fiat Coupé


There were minor differences between the limited edition Fiat Coupé and the original version but one of the most popular additions were the Brembo brake calipers. These added a more luxurious, sporty look to the vehicle, while they were finished in bold red.


This is where the red caliper trend began, and there were standard red calipers to the rear of the vehicle. The 2 door Fiat Coupé was designed to be a sporty everyday car. And the limited edition took the sportiness that little bit further, and perhaps that’s why it will go down as a classic.

Brembo brake calipers are still available to day, and you can find them on Corvettes and porches, and that just symbolises the class they can add to a vehicle.