Looking for a van


When you’re in the market looking for a van, you need to take in to account the mileage, how long is left on the mot plus all round condition. You may start to look on websites such as Gumtree, Auto Trader or Shpock to find vans that may be suitable. You need to take in to account what size van you would need depending on the type off work you will be carrying out in it.

If you need to carry quite a bit of equipment which is easily accessible then you may wish to look for something like a Ford Transit Connect, the van has a side loading door which is ideal for easy loading and unloading plus you can easily put a roof rack on top for ladders. There should be enough room in the back for all of your materials and tools. You may wish to put an inverter in the back so you can run 230 volts in the van which will allow you to charge phones, batteries for tools and even run a kettle to make a brew.


Buying a spares or repairs car


If you see an advert stating a car is sold as spares or repairs you may be shocked to find out that it doesn’t actually need that much work and can easily be repaired under the value of the car. Many people advertise cars in this way as that is the correct way to list a car that is not in a state that is legal to be driven on the road.

If it is sold as a normal used car then the seller could be taken to court over the sales of goods act, stating that everything has to be fit for purpose, if the car has major issues or is unsafe.

When buying a spares or repairs car you need to know a bit of mechanics to know how much work is going to need doing, taking a mechanic with you is the best way to do this. You may at first think that all you need is a bumper and wing, but upon closer inspection it may be that the radiator is also damaged and possibly the car is out of alignment. This will very quickly hike up the bill.

Time to change your vehicle?


From time to time we either need or want to change our vehicle. It may be that you need to because you need a bigger car, you now require more back space and therefore require a van or that you cannot afford to run your current one. If this is the case then research is vital before making your next purchase. Make a quick list of points on a vehicle that are a must such as number of seats and then make another list of items that would be nice to have.

When arranging to view cars, go through both lists and ensure that the musts are all ticked and ideally a number of the nice to have’s too. One of the main factors that comes in to play when buying any vehicle is your budget as well. Make sure that you have an idea of a figure in mind before viewing any cars to avoid falling in love with one you simply cannot afford.

Flat tyres


Coming out of your house to a flat tyre is something we all dread and very often it will happen for no apparent reason and with very little warning. If the tyre has developed a slow puncture you may have had to fill it with air more often that you should have but it may have all of a sudden got worse.

The first thing to do is to pump the tyre back up, ideally this should be in situ as if you drive on a totally flat tyre it is likely you will not only damage the tyre but also even the wheel trim or alloy.

Once pumped up inspect the tyre for any visual damage such as nails. If you do not find anything you can chose to spray a solution made from one part soap to four parts water all around the rim and over the surface of the tyre to see if you can see any bubbles coming up from where the air is escaping. If not then you will probably need to take it to a garage for a further inspection.



Don’t forget your MOT


A MOT is a check that has to be done on your car to check that it is safe and road worthy. There is a strict criteria that the garage uses to access whether your car can pass the Mot inspection. All cars over three years old need to have a MOT carried out every 12 months and if it fails it is not allow to be driven on the road again (unless taking it to the Mot centre) until it has passed.

Unlike road tax, you do not get a reminder of when your Mot is due from the government unless the garage you bought the vehicle off or previously did the MOT sends you one off their own back.

If you are caught driving a car without an Mot not only can you get points on your license but it can also invalidate your insurance meaning that your car may be taken off the road an you have to pay recovery and storage charges to get it back.